Website Updates - now with more Jekyll!

by Jody Mickey
Jul 19, 2015

Our website has gone through a few different layouts over its nearly 13 year lifespan, and now despite having hardly tipped the “visits” column in some time, we’re doing it once again. This time we decided to keep it pretty simple and borrow from the trusted (and perhaps boring) default Bootstrap layout, but of course we have kept our distinguishing blue and gray color scheme. I actually considered lightening up the page a bit and only using the blue sparingly, but Mike quickly pointed out that was no good.

Since the message board rarely got any posts, it’s time to retire that feature. Technically the last post was in October 2014, but that was just me testing when I had to move the site to a new server. The actual last post was almost three years ago and consisted of the text: “awwrrararra”, a tribute by Sam. The last “meaningful” post (sorry Sam) was a year before that; so… you understand why it’s gone.

Also gone is the “Cooking” section. We may actually keep the recipes posted here in some kind of archive section, but like the message board, these haven’t been updated in ages and let’s be honest: this cookbook is mostly filled with ideas from two guys whose fridge was normally filled with beer and expired condiments.

Important sections that are still there: Games and Gallery. I actually do not upload many pictures to the internet these days, but Mike does, and obviously the Games section is where most of the updates happen anymore, so that one is a must. The good thing about these two sections vs. the aforementioned retired sections is that they are fairly static, so there is no need to have a database or even PHP running to serve these pages! For this reason, the site is now generated by Jekyll.

There are some things I like about Jekyll (simple to add news posts and similar to how we were already handling games entries) and some things I do not like as much (the gallery). The things I do not like are mostly related to me not being as experienced with Ruby, so I will take the blame here. In any case, this is still an experiment so hopefully it will be fine, but if Mike hates it, I expect to hear about it (and he should expect me to push back from having to come up with something else ;-)

Alright, well, that’s the news update about the site. I will also give you something that usually comes from Mike: a game! Actually two games, but they are both very simple, classic games you’ve already played. The good news is that you don’t have to install anything to play them, just a web browser that is not Internet Explorer 9 or worse. Sorry, browser coverage was not high on the priority list for these.

I give you: Memory Game and Picture Puzzle.

The games are about as fun as the titles, but a decent way to pass time if you’re waiting at the airport, on your spouse, on the can, etc. I may add these to the games page later but for now, please enjoy the links above.

Thanks for reading!